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Grace Ramírez
August 17, 2023
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Your Ultimate Guide to Grecia Costa Rica

Poas Volcano

RE/MAX Occidente is here to help you on your real estate journey, whether you're visiting to search for properties in Grecia Costa Rica or you are newcomer to the area. Take the time to enjoy the incredible attractions that Grecia has to offer as you explore the stunning properties and real estate options. Grecia has something for everyone, from comfortable and relaxing accommodations to delectable dining experiences that highlight Costa Rican flavors and scenic hiking trails that immerse you in nature's beauty. Join us as we take you on a journey through the heart of Costa Rica, combining real estate exploration with unforgettable experiences.

Where to Stay During Your Search for Properties in Grecia Costa Rica:

Mango Valley Hotel

El Mango Valley Hotel Grecia: A delightful oasis with cozy rooms and a tranquil ambiance. This hotel, located in the heart of Grecia, provides easy access to the town's attractions. [Find out more]

La Terraza Boutique Bed & Breakfast: A charming bed and breakfast with comfortable rooms and stunning views. Experience the best of Costa Rican hospitality. [Find out more]

Blanc Haus: A contemporary and stylish hotel that combines luxury and nature. Relax in beautifully designed rooms during your stay. [Find out more]


Arje Café

Chirinquitos del Rio: A cozy riverside restaurant serving delicious Costa Rican cuisine. A great place to sample local cuisine. [Find out more]

Casa Nostra: Savor gourmet dishes prepared with passion and creativity. This restaurant provides a one-of-a-kind dining experience in a charming setting. [Find out more]

Los Barriles #2: A local favorite known for serving traditional Costa Rican cuisine. Discover the essence of Costa Rican culinary traditions. [Find out more]

Cafeteria Arjé: A cozy café with delicious coffee and pastries, ideal for a relaxing afternoon. [Find out more]


Parque Nacional Volcán Poás: Experience the natural beauty of Costa Rica with breathtaking hiking trails, lush forests, and the famous Poás Volcano. [Explore]

Poas Volcano National Park
Photo by Pau Delgado

Parque Municipal Los Chorros: Hike through this municipal park to discover stunning waterfalls and lush landscapes. A paradise for nature lovers. [Find out more]

Finca San Gerardo: Set out on an adventure through this picturesque finca (farm), which offers hiking trails with breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. [Learn more]

Sendero Catarata San Vicente: Discover the splendor of the San Vicente Waterfall on this rewarding hiking trail that leads to a breathtaking natural wonder. [Find out more]

Discover properties in Grecia Costa Rica while taking in the city's incredible attractions. RE/MAX Occidente is your reliable partner in locating your ideal home in this enchanting Costa Rican town.


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