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Grace Ramírez
December 3, 2022
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Grecia Costa Rica, once rated the "Cleanest Town in Latin America," is a treasure of Central Valley.

Grecia Costa Rica Aerial

Grecia Costa Rica, once rated the "Cleanest Town in Latin America," is a treasure of Costa Rica's Central Valley. Grecia is a peaceful village far from Costa Rica's major cities.

The majestic Catholic church, Iglesia de la Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes, is both physically and metaphorically the center of town. It is one of the country's most distinctive churches, constructed completely of prefabricated steel.

Grecia Costa Rica Real Estate
Photography by: Airwolfcr

A huge central park adjacent to the church is where residents and visitors can converse, rest, stare at the many exotic birds that flutter past, or just people watch. A band stage in the park's center offers regular performances. Everything from the town's youth orchestra to rock bands have performed here.

Grecia Costa Rica is a farming community, primarily producing coffee and sugarcane but also some fruit and citrus. The people are nice and welcoming, and they enjoy celebrating festivals.

Grecia is an ideal retirement destination. The town has a population of roughly 15,000 people and is a medium-sized farming community. In Costa Rica's Central Valley, on the Poás Volcano's slope, are mountains all around it. Grecia and its surroundings have elevations ranging from 3,000 to 5,500 feet, providing great year-round temperatures and stunning views from most points in town. There are two seasons: the dry season, or summer, from mid-December to April, and the wet season, or winter, from May to mid-December. Yes, it's backwards in comparison to northern climates!

Amenities in Grecia Costa Rica

Aside from the weather, Grecia is large enough to have almost all of the amenities you would require. There are numerous shopping opportunities in town. There are several grocery stores, clothing businesses, hardware stores, and even a mall with a movie theater. In addition, Grecia has a variety of restaurants serving both local and international cuisine, as well as medical facilities and schools. 

There are several pharmacies with nurses on staff as well as several general practitioners and specialists to pick from in town. In addition, there are at least three dentists and a couple of optometrists. Many of the doctors are trained in the United States and speak English.

Grecia also has its own hospital and Caja office (Costa Rica's national medical program). Based on their retirement income, the average expat couple will pay $90 to $100 per month for everything from prescriptions to tests to hospital stays. There is also an independent cash system of private doctors and hospitals, with rates that are 15% to 50% lower than in the United States.

Overall, Grecia offers a wide range of medical facilities and services, including pharmacies, general practitioners, specialists, and hospitals. The cost of healthcare is affordable for expats, with the national medical program and private options available. Additionally, the town has a variety of restaurants serving both local and international cuisine, as well as schools and other amenities.


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