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Grace Ramírez
December 3, 2022
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2022's Best Country In The World To Retire In

Costa Rica Best Place to Retire

The secret is out - one of the best choices you could make is to retire in Costa Rica. Many foreigners are drawn by the country's tropical climate, lower cost of living, friendly locals, affordable medical care, vast real estate options, and, of course, the country's natural beauty. Costa Rica is located in Central America between Nicaragua and Panama, an area that is sometimes afflicted by political and civil instability, yet Costa Rica remains a beacon of stability, democracy, and the desired laid-back lifestyle.

When Costa Rica's government dissolved its army in 1948, the world took notice, garnering the country the moniker "Switzerland of Central America." That military budget has been set aside for education and healthcare. As a result, there will be universal education and a first-world literacy rate. Furthermore, all citizens and legal residents have access to healthcare under one of Latin America's top-rated public healthcare schemes.

pura vida lifestyle - retire in grecia costa rica

This republic is known around the world for its peace and commitment to the environment, with about a quarter of its land conserved as national parks and wildlife refuges. On most, but not all, political issues, the current democratic government is seen as progressive. LGBTQ same-sex marriage, for example, is legal, and women's rights are mandated. Marijuana, despite being widely available, is not sold legally. Gun restrictions are also tight, with possession permissible only for nationals and lawful immigrants with permanent resident status. Background and criminal checks, psychiatric testing, and firearms training are all required. Hunting is prohibited.

Healthcare Options

Costa Rica has two healthcare systems, one public and one private. You pay approximately 7% to 11% of your reported monthly income into the CajaCostarricense de Seguro Social healthcare system (Caja for short), and this national medical program is available to you without copays, pre-existing exclusions, or age disqualifications once you have obtained your residency.

Residents that retire in Costa Rica combine public healthcare with private medical treatment by self-insuring out of pocket or by purchasing private insurance plans. These are available via well-known insurance companies and are substantially less expensive than a comparable coverage in the United States. There are three JCI-accredited private hospitals in the San José area, as well as several private clinics around the country. The public system includes over 29 hospitals and approximately 250 regional clinics, making it simple to get healthcare no matter where you live.

What is the average cost of living to retire in Costa Rica?

For around $2,000 to $2500 per month, a couple can live comfortably but not extravagantly. Renting a two-bedroom home/condo with North American conveniences, such as air conditioning, as well as food, entertainment, transportation, and healthcare, is included. If your monthly budget exceeds $3,000, you will enjoy a comfortable lifestyle with most creature amenities.

Expats frequently mention how friendly and hospitable the Ticos (Costa Ricans) are. They are great people who are ready to share the enchantment of their culture, food, and traditions with visitors from other countries. You will also find engaging multinational communities of expats who will guide you through the acclimatization process. The vast majority of newcomers believe it's simple to make friends and fit in here. People of color are also finding a more tranquil living apart from the systemic racism connected with the United States in Costa Rica.The Costa Rican government has issued an official proclamation condemning all forms of racism and prejudice.


Pura Vida is a popular Costa Rican expression. Although it translates to "Pure Life," this description only touches the surface of a word firmly woven into Costa Rican society, and used to signify anything from "hello" and "goodbye," to "great news," "cheers!" And a slew of other pronouncements in between.

As a result, retiring in Costa Rica has many advantages, such as a tropical climate, low cost of living, hospitable locals, easy access to healthcare, a variety of real estate options, and breathtaking natural beauty. Costa Rica offers a tranquil and sustainable way of life thanks to its dependable democracy and dedication to the environment. The integration process is made simpler by the existence of welcoming expat communities.

Embrace "Pura Vida" to the fullest and start living a happy retirement in Costa Rica.


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